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Discover the X1-Grip with "Pure Feel Technology"

The #1 Next Generation Golf Grip


New Design

Thanks to new materials, to the innovative assembly of components and to a never before seen design, the X1-Grip is the renewed concept of the golf grip.

Tired of the same old grip? Take a leap into the future!


The new X1-Grip is the result of the combination of an external transparent layer and an inner polymer core which was specifically designed to filter shocks and vibrations and to guarantee the best feedback through your swing.


Pure Feel Tech.

The "Pure Feel Technology" , conceived after years of research on polymers, is the secret ingredient in assuring you the softest feel ever.

Also thanks to the two tone texture on the external layer the X1-Grip features an improved torsional stability to optimize your club speed and shot accuracy.

3 Second Installation Process

When using the tapeless air installation process you can test it, change it and reinstall it as many times as you want while keeping your grips and clubs damage free.


What golfers are saying about the X1-Grip with "Pure Feel Tech"

- I've been playing golf for 10 years now and my hands have always been destroyed by grips but the X1s are unlike any grip I've ever used in the past and by far the best feeling and performing grips I've ever used. I don't think I will be straying away from them anytime soon - Christopher Pieper, USA

- Some of the best feeling grips we have ever felt! - Spot On Grips LLC, USA

- I must say that the X1-Grip has become my favourite grip ever. I've recently used all the major brands and the X1s are superior by far. They have the perfect combination of tackiness and feel. - Chris Shea,USA

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